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1500 Word Essay- How Many Paragraphs To Write?

Essay writing is one of the major homework tasks awarded by the professors to their students. These teachers specify the requirements which most probably include the word count, the font size, and the number of citations required.

The major specification that confuses the students is the word count requirement. This specification gives birth to questions:

  • How many paragraphs to write in an essay?
  • How long should a paragraph be?
  • What to include or omit in such a limited word count requirement?

Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules associated with the length or number of the paragraphs. A typical essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

You may have heard about the five-paragraph technique which includes a paragraph for the introduction section, three paragraphs for the main body, and one concluding paragraph. Nevertheless, if there is no compulsion of this technique imposed by your professor, then there is no need to follow this technique for your essay.

If you refer to the examples of UK essays, you will observe that the number of paragraphs varies from one another. As a rule of thumb, there are typically a hundred to two hundred words in a paragraph and if you have a fifteen-hundred-word count requirement, then you can write around ten paragraphs.

There are certain requirements you should keep in check while writing a fifteen-hundred-word count withal. Some of the major considerations are listed below:

The Amount of Matter:

Before getting on to the writing phase, it is necessary that you conduct ample research and collect data relevant to your subject topic. As discussed earlier, roughly, you can write about ten paragraphs for a fifteen-hundred-word count, but these ten paragraphs should display quantitative quality, rather than repeating sentences or loosely written sentences that do not fit well in the essay body. To achieve this objective, you should collect facts and figures that can fill in places for these ten paragraphs.

If you fall short on the amount of content, you can curtail the number of paragraphs to fit in your data in an informative way. Conversely, if you have a large amount of information to include in your essay body, you can make your introduction brief and embed a few more paragraphs than ten to convey your information precisely to the readers.

Purpose of Paragraphs:

The purpose of paragraphs differ for the three sections of the essay. For the introduction section, the purpose of the paragraph is:

  • To state the main thesis statement.
  • To captivate the reader’s attention via the hook element.
  • To provide some background context of the topic subject.

On the flip side, the purpose of the main body paragraph is to support the main thesis statement by installing multiple paragraphs that include:

  • Evidence that supports your argument.
  • Facts and figures that refute the opposing

Remember that each paragraph of the main body provides a diverse argument to support the thesis statement of the essay, whereas the primary purpose of the concluding paragraph is to provide a snapshot of the narrative build in the essay body.

Therefore, you should refer to the research material collected and choose what information to include or exclude keeping in mind the nature of the different paragraphs.

In short, there is no specified limit as per se when it comes to the number of paragraphs for a fifteen-hundred-word count essay. It is totally dependent on the amount of matter available and how effectively you can embed information in the paragraphs of different sections.

Remember, a fifteen-hundred-word essay is no different than a general essay; all you have to do is trust yourself and use your abilities to the fullest.


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